Coverage Calculator

Powder Coverage Calculator



How to use this tool

This calculator generates estimates based on 1 lb of powder.

Enter your values under the "Input" area and click calculate to get started.

  • Specific Gravity: this number can be located on each powders' application guide (PDF) under the "Powder Characteristics" section. Or, you can browse our documents section for your powder.
  • Transfer Efficiency: percentage (1-100%) that your powder will adhere to your part.
  • Mil Thickness: number used to determine how many "mils" or how thick your coating will be.
  • Cost per lb (optional): financial cost of powder per 1 lb. Shown on each of our powder product pages.
  • Your Sq Ft (optional): square feet of your part. Sq Ft = Length x Width. This value cannot exceed the Sq Ft Coverage.
  • Sq Ft Coverage: represents the estimated Sq Ft coverage 1 lb of powder would yield.
  • Cost / Sq Ft: the estimated cost per Sq Ft.
  • Cost: your estimated total cost based on your part Sq Ft.
  • lbs Needed: estimated amount of powder needed (out of 1 lb).